The Double Date

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The Double Date
by Ben

I met my girlfriend at an alumni dance during Christmas vacation when I returned home from my first year of college.Taylor is five foot tall and weighs all of eighty pounds soaking wet. She has short brunette hair,a very cute face and long,curvacious legs.

I came back for the summer and we double dated with one of her friends and his date.

I had my dad’s new company car, a big Lincoln. We went to the , but were much more interested in each other than what was going on on the screen.While I kissed and caressed Taylor,Tony did the same with Mary,his date.She was a gorgeous,golden skinned nymphette.

The intensity of Mary’s cries made Taylor and I look into the back. Tony had Mary’s skirt up around her waist and was sliding a finger in and out of her pussy while he licked and sucked on her aroused clit. Her blouse was completely undone,and her bra was pushed up over her breasts.

“wow,” I whispered, ” nice breasts.”

“Mine are bigger,” Taylor said.

“I don’t know,” I whispered. ” I really don’t think so.” Then I leaned over the back seat slightly and said, ” Mary, could you help to settle a little bet between Taylor and I ?”

“Sure,” She answered, making absolutely no effort to cover her ripe and quivering breasts or her fully exposed, moist pussy.

“Taylor says that she has larger breasts than you,” I said, with a grin. ” How about the two of you comparing?”

Mary shrugged, an agreeable smile on her face. “why not.”


Tony enthusiastically agreed. Taylor started blushing. I thought that she was going to chicken out, but then her eyes lit up with excitement and she said, ” Okay,but if Mary and I have to compare breasts, you and Tony have to compare cocks.”

“Get in the back, Taylor so that we can see the two of you side by side,” Tony said. His face was hot and eager, it was easy to see how badly he wanted to see Taylor’s breasts.

“This is crazy,” Taylor remarked as she climbed over the seat and sat beside Mary. I unbuttoned her blouse and let it slide slowly down her shoulders. Meanwhile, Tony completed removing Mary’s shirt and bra so that she was completely nude from the waist up. As I unsnapped Taylor’s bra and took it off, I could see that Mary was going to win. Her breasts were more than slightly larger than Taylor’s.

“This is great,” Tony said, surveying the two delectable ladies. Taylor’s blush reappeared as he gazed longingly at her taught bared breasts.

“Lets check for firmness,” I said. I fondled Taylor, and Tony kneaded Mary’s breasts. We switched . Taylor started breathing through her mouth heavily as Tony flicked his thumbs over her hardened nipples, and The flush of excitement deepened.

“All right, who wins ?” Taylor asked. Tony and I took another long look at the girl’s breasts, and I said, ” Well, it was close, but Mary’s are a little bigger.” Tony nodded his head in agreement.

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“Okay, now it’s your turn,” Taylor said, with a grin.

I scrambled over the seat into the back, and Mary into the front. Tony and I shoved our shorts and slacks down past our knees, and our cocks sprang up into the air. I was longer, but he was thicker. Taylor’s eyes were on his cock while Mary admired mine.

“Ben is longer,” Mary said.

“Yes, but Tony is thicker,” Taylor responded.

“Time for the firmness test,” Mary giggled. She leaned over the seat and encircled my cock with her warm, eager fingers. Taylor hesitated, but then grabbed Tony’s cock. He moaned with excitement. The girls fondled us for a few more minutes, our cocks swelling to their maximum length and throbbing to the beat of our hearts. then they switched. As Taylor held my cock, she said, ” You love this, don’t you ?”

I grinned and nodded, then said, “Hey Tony, I bet Taylor’s pussy is juicier than Mary’s.”

“Bet she isn’t, “Tony shot back immediately, getting into the game as much as I was.

“I’ll get you for this,” Taylor promised in a low voice as Mary and I traded places again. I pulled Taylor’s panties down while Steve did the same with Mary. Tony slid down onto the floor and placed his face between Mary’s splayed thighs. He began by finger fucking her, then began eating her out.

“Nice,” he breathed. Taylor sat beside Mary and reluctantly lifted her knees and spread her thighs, her eyes glaring at me. Within minutes, though, as Tony’s fingers caressed her pussy, her gaze softened and her mouth opened. When Tony’s mouth clamped onto her swollen nether lips, she closed her eyes and moaned, her fingers entwining in his hair.

Mary and I watched in fascination as Tony ate her out, neither of us having ever watched live sex before. After about thirty seconds more, he straightened up, his mouth and chin glistening with her juices.

“Okay,your turn,” he said. We switched spots. I tasted Mary’s sweet nectar, tongue fucking her her vagina and licking it from end to end. I sucked her clitoris until she moaned and came, writhing, on the seat. Then I went to Taylor. I made her jerk and squirm as I tongued her neatly shaven snatch and fluttered her clit lovingly between my lips, bringing her to a screaming orgasm in all too short a time.

” Taylor wins,” I said,and Tony agreed.

” Now let’s see which one of you taste better,” Mary said.

” Yeah,” Taylor agreed, her angry but provocative eyes returning to me.

The two girls got down on their knees, between our spread legs, lips pursed, ready to engulf us. It was a bit crowded in the enclosed space, and we were all glistening with a fine sheen of moisture. Tony and I moaned as the girls lavished our cocks with much needed attention. Bobbing up and down, sucking and teasing us, coating our lengths with their saliva. After several minutes of this, Mary said, “I’ll bet that I can make ben come before you can bring Tony to orgasm.”

“I bet you can’t,” Taylor responded.

The bet was on. Although Mary wasn’t obviously too experienced, she sucked me with a youthful exuberance that sent tingles through my entire body. Seeing Taylor with another man’s thick cock pumping in and out of her mouth really turned me on, and getting oral sex from Mary, a virtual stranger was also wildly stimulating.

I came first. Mary seemed amazed at the amount of semen, her eyes going wide in pleasant surprise. She swooned mouthful after mouthful and bubbled aloud, ” I win, I win.” Taylor paused to glance over, making sure, for herself, that Mary had really brought me to orgasm. Then she went back to sucking Tony’s cock. A few moments later he pumped his hips wildly and cried aloud as he dumped a heavy load of come into Taylor’s waiting mouth.

Taylor never waned to double date with Tony and Mary after that wonderful episode at the , wanting us to focus on each other. After we were married however, our sex lives once again began to bloom more fully and diversely. We both strive to fulfill one another’s every fantasy. Tony and Mary have been quite helpful, and prominent, In those fantasies…….Hmm, I wonder why.

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