Sonali pt 4

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Sonali Part 4
By Paul.
(Copyright 2000 by Paul. All rights reserved).

Viplove answered his doorbell at nine o’clock the following morning. It was Michael.

“Come with me.” He said.

“I’ll get Sonali.” Viplove said turning to fetch his wife.

“Where is she?” Michael asked before he could leave.

“Still in bed.” Viplove replied.

“Good.” Michael said. “Leave her there and come with me now.”

“I must finish dressing.”

“No. Come as you are.”

Viplove, dressed in his robe and sandals, followed Michael to his car and sat beside him in the front. As he pulled away Viplove saw three cars pull up outside his house and at ten men climb from them. Some were white, some were Asian and one, the largest, was black.

“What is going to happen?” He asked as they turned onto the freeway.


“Yesterday you said the boy had trouble penetrating Sonali’s rear hole. After today there will be no such trouble.”

Sonali turned over onto her back. It was nice lying there. So warm and comfortable. She reached between her legs to scratch an itch. It felt so nice she scratched herself again. That did feel nice. She allowed her fingers to explore the folds of skin that formed her hole. Pulling them apart and rubbing gently at the warm moist flesh inside.

She heard somebody moving. She didn’t want to open her eyes. She let one of her fingers slip inside her hole. That was nice.

She heard more movements. That would be Viplove with the tea. He was so good to her. She smiled and arched her back taking a second finger inside her hole. Viplove was pulling the sheet from her body. She bent her knees to show herself to him. She felt somebody kneel on the bed between her feet and opened her eyes and looked down between the ‘V’ of her open thighs.

A large black man was mounting her bed. In his hand he was stroking the largest prick she had ever seen or even imagined. It must have been ten inches long and was as thick as her wrist. She turned her head from side to side. The room was full of men. All with hard pricks pointing at her.

“Viplove.” She cried out.

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The face of the black man loomed above her and she could feel the tip of his prick at her opening. She could feel it opening her, stretching her.

“He’s gone with Michael.”

The black man said sinking three inches of his prick into her hole.

“No.” She cried out.

“Yes.” The black man said pulling back and filling her with one thrust.

She cried out again, this time in surprise and pain. Never had she felt so full before. Every inch of her tube was stretched to accommodate the monster inside her.

She gasped as he pulled nearly out and then fully back inside her. Despite herself, she found her arms and legs wrapping themselves around him as her started to pump in and out of her hole. A moan of pleasure escape from her lips as he quickened his strokes. She cried out in orgasm as she felt him coming deep inside her. Feeling him pumping his cum into her hole.

He stopped moving for a few seconds then pulled from her. Before she could even straighten her legs a second man was inside her. He started slowly then quickly speeded up. Her hands were pulled from his back and her fingers wrapped around two pricks. She started stroking them. They both had foreskins which she worked back and forth. The man on top of her grunted as he came inside her. Her cunt had been so stretched by the black man she’d hardly felt him. She did the next one. Not as long as the black man but at least as wide. The two pricks in her hands were moving closer to her face making it awkward for her to continue to stroke them without hurting her wrists. Turning her head to one side she released her grip on the prick and guided it into her mouth with her fingertips. She could hear the moans from the man in her mouth and added hers to them each time the man fucking her pushed particularly hard into her cunt. She could feel he was near to coming so she tried to grip him with the muscles that lined her cunt. He grunted then sighed, collapsing forward onto her body and driving the breath from her body. As she fought to regain her breath she felt something wet land on her eyes and nose as the prick she still held in her hand shot its cum over her. This was followed almost immediately by the prick in her mouth emptying its load into the back of her throat. She coughed and spluttered then swallowed.

The man in her mouth finished coming and pulled away from her and the man on top pulled his prick from her cunt and climbed off. The man on her other side had finished coming over her face and started to rub his cum into her skin with the tip of his prick before presenting it to her lips for cleaning. She poked out her tongue and licked the end then opened her mouth to take it inside. The men thrust it in and out as if he was fucking her cunt.

Feeling a weight on her chest Sonali looked down. A man was astride her fitting his prick between her large tits and moving it in and out. She watched, fascinated, as the tip of the prick appeared the disappeared between her mounds. The man was massaging her nipples with his thumbs as he fucked her tits. The other man had grown to full hardness in her mouth. He kept moving in and out. Holding her head with his hands. She gagged as the tip of his prick hit the back of her throat. She tried to spit it out but the man held her head in a vice like grip. She could hear both men gasping and swearing. Then both were coming. The man between her tits was squeezing them so them so tightly around his jerking prick they hurt. The man in her mouth was so far down her throat he seemed to be coming directly in her stomach.

They both pulled away from her, giving her a moments respite to regain her breath.

A man was lying on his back on the bed next to her. Pulling her towards him he guided her on top of his body, placing the tip of his prick against her open cunt lips and pulled her down on top of it. The man held her tits as Sonali moved up and down on his prick. A man knelt across the head of the man beneath her and hands on her back pushed her forwards until she could take his prick into her mouth. The man beneath her still held her tits as she continued moving on his prick whilst taking the other into her mouth. Somebody was feeling her ass cheeks. Massaging them. Running a finger between them. Tickling her ass hole. Other hands were on her ass cheeks, pulling them apart, holding her open. Something wet and cold was being rubbed onto and inside her ass hole. A finger was pushed inside her, then a second. More liquid and a third finger. She cried out.

Suddenly the fingers were removed and she could feel her ass hole shrinking back to normal. Her ass cheeks were still held open. Somebody was moving on the bed behind her. She felt the head of a prick, a very large prick against her tiny hole. She tried to squeeze her hole tight. To keep the invader out but she was too well lubricated. She could feel her hole being opened wider then it had ever been before. The pain was searing. As if somebody was pushing a red hot poker inside her. She tried to cry out but the prick in her mouth only allowed a muffled groan to escape from her lips. The prick was pulled back, almost out of her. Then it was thrust deep into her bowels. The other two pricks inside her, which had stopped moving, started again. All three of her holes were being used. She was being used.

First the man in her cunt came then the man in her mouth. The man up her ass hole lay on his back pulling her, still joined, with him. She lay on top of his big black body with her ass hole full of his big black meat with her cunt open and on display to anyone who wanted to look. The other men stood at the foot of the bed watching as the black man worked his prick in and out of her ass hole. He moved slowly taking his time.

One of the watching men who had been stroking his prick climbed onto the bed and thrust it into her cunt. He came within seconds. As he pulled out Sonali could feel something leaking from her hole and running down to her ass hole. Another took his place and when he had finished another and another.

The black man turned her onto her side with his prick still inside her ass hole and began to move quickly in and out of her. The power of his thrusts took her breath away. She could hear him groaning and moaning behind her as h pummelled her ass hole mercilessly. She cried out for him to stop. That he was tearing her in two but he kept moving. Finally with a thrust that took him even deeper inside her, he came. She cried out as his prick jerked inside her and cried out again as he pulled it from her hole.

He climbed from the bed. She looked down at his prick, glistening in its coating of lubricant.

“Sleep now.” He said.

She realised they were alone.

Michael pulled outside the house and said to Viplove, as he was about to climb out.

“Sonali’s holes will be sore. Kiss them for her.”

“All of them?” Viplove asked.

“All of them.”

And be sure you do.


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