The Sitter

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The Sitter
by BEN

My dreaded college textbooks and notes were spread all over the living room floor and I was eating a big fudge brownie, praying for my biology paper to write itself, when Stacy, the woman I whose son I babysit, came flying through the door clutching her black trench coat tightly around herself.

“What time is it?” I asked, jumping up surprised.

She startled me so badly that I had spilled milk all over my over-sized sweatshirt, which hid my 34D- cup chest.

“Early.” She said kicking the door shut behind her and leaning back against it.

“God, I could not wait to get away from that guy.”

“uh oh, ” I thought, but didn’t say it. She sure had “Date from Hell” written all over her. I wanted to either disappear, or make her feel
better. I’d certainly been there.

Stacy didn’t say anything, just tossed her coat into the corner and sunk down in an easy chair. She was sure decked out. She had on a little
black dress, thin enough to cling to every luscious curve and short enough to show plenty of her garter- topped legs. Her shoes were adorable too. Black high heels with little bows. She always made my pussy wet. I hadn’t always been into women, but during my second year in college, I’d decided to try whatever came along. Life’s too short to wonder what things might be like!

So, I’d slept with a few of girlfriends, but none of them were as hot as Stacy. I didn’t know her very well though. I’d only babysat for her a few
times. I didn’t know what happened to the father and I didn’t ask, of course.

“Did you put Quinn to bed yet?” She looked up through her bangs.

“About an hour ago.”


“Cool.” She kicked off her shoes and put her feet up on the coffee table.

“Men suck. Can I say that?”

I handed her the rest of my brownie and said, “Go for it Honey.”

She chuckled, licking the chocolate from her fingers after she had swallowed it. Chocolate works. I know. I dug the last one out of the box
and split it, holding out half to her. Her eyes widened.

“What the Hell,” She said and took the piece from me.

“I’m entitled.”

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She looked so sexy with her legs up, eating the brownie and licking the chocolate from her fingers, that I couldn’t sit still. I got up and
stood behind her chair, and started rubbing her shoulders. She jumped at first, startled, and then let out a deep long sigh, saying, “Hey, you
aren’t bad at that.”

I felt her relax as I worked the knots out of her shoulders.

“MMmmmm,” she said, “You’re sweet.”

I gathered her root beer colored hair and threw it forward over her shoulders, so I could better get at her neck. I massaged it with my thumbs
and looked at her body. I could see straight down her dress and into her cleavage. Her breasts were smaller than mine, and firm enough for her to go without a bra. I went back to working her shoulders and unzipped the back of her dresst o get my hands inside. She didn’t protest.
I dug in harder, moving down her back. She just groaned and said, “Yeah, right there,” and closed her eyes.

I wanted her so bad. My panties were soaking wet. I wanted to hear her groan from my tongue lapping at her yummy box. I wondered if she
would go for it, and decided to test the waters. Without interrupting the massage I slipped her dress off her shoulders, exposing most of her upper body, she only relaxed more. I kept grinding at her back muscles with one hand while I ran the other gently over her chest. She squirmed a little in the chair and made quiet purring sounds. She was so fine! Reaching down with both hands, I cupped her gorgeous tits
and gently stroked them. She looked up into my yearning eyes and silently mouthed the word “Yes.”

I leaned over and kissed her pouting lips as I played with her melons. She was responsive, kissing me back passionately, and arching her
back for my hands. She tried to play with my curly locks and tease my ears, but she was overwhelmed by my hot caresses. Our tongues were one now, and she was breathing rather hard. Breaking our kiss, she said, “Do you want me?”

I nodded excitedly. She got up and turned off the lamp leading me to the bedroom. I thought I was going to lose it. Her hands were all over me immediately, taking off my shirt and rubbing my belly softly, then taking my bra off with one hand. She gently licked my little pink mipples, teasing one with her fingers while she licked the other one. It was dreamy.

“That is so good.” I told her.

My hands were busy undoing my own jeans and pushing them down to the floor. I eased her dress up over her head while she made me crazier and crazier. Then my hands slid to her sheer panties to feel her bush. I ran my fingers through the soft curly hair and touched her moist pussy lips. She moved rhythmically with my hand, grinding her cunt into my fingers. One of my fingers moved instinctively to the center of her snatch and rubbed her clit and dunked inside her with each of her totally sensuous thrusts. She looked so pretty grinding at me wand nibbling my knockers, buy by own mound needed attention.

“I want you mouth on my hot pussy, Stacy.” I said.

She obliged, sitting me down on a padded bench in front of her dressing table, and hooking her thumbs in my panties to remove them. She
slid them slowly down, off my long legs and kissed my toes and feet, making me giggle. Soon she moved up the length of my legs, driving me to the brink of estacy.

“She has definitely done this before.” I thought to myself.

I begged her to eat me out.

“Please put your tongue in me!” I cried. “I want you to get me off.”

But she took her time, lifting my legs high and kissing my ass. Oh god it was so erotic. I tried to muffle my whimpering, not wanting to wake
up Quinn. I relaxed into her control as much as possible, letting her lick from my butt to my clit, slowly and gracefully. Her salivating tongue was mixing with my slippery juices and made a mushy puddle on the bunch.

“Maybe,” she interrupted herself, “we should move to the bench.”

It was a good idea all right. We finished getting naked and admiring each others curvacious bodies. On the bed we got into a wild
’69’ position with me on top, diving into her hot hole and grinding into her hungry face with all my might. My big breasts were crushing into her belly, and it felt like anywhere we touched was on fire.

I came then, HARD!!!

I couldn’t concentrate enough to keep at her while I climaxed, and I felt all tingly getting eaten by this beautiful older, more experienced
woman. When I stopped shaking, I turned around and kissed her with her own dew and let it mix with my sweet honey. She licked her lips, enjoying the new taste.

“Now,” she said, “there is something you can do for me.”

She then turned impishly to a wooden box on the end table, producing from it a long, fat dildo. I was amazed.

“I want you to slide this in and out of my ass while you eat my wet pussy.”

I was more than ready. First, I sucked on that big fake prick to get it all nice and wet. Stacy sat back against the pillows and played with herself as she watched me. I pretended to give that cock a killer blowjob, slurping and licking at it noisily, letting my spit run down it so that she coudl see. It actually got me wet all over again, and judging by the way she was jerking her clit, Stacy was pretty excited too.
The time had come. Getting up on her hands and knees, she held her her butt cheeks open to me and told me that she was ready to be filled.

“Okay, Nikki sweetheart, give it all to me.”

I inched thta dildo in little by little, really letting her feel it. I planted little kisses on her butt to help her relax. She groaned and
grunted, working hard, determined to fit it all in, pushing aback against me. When I had it mostly buried in her little puckered hole, I flopped
down under her crotch and started fluttering my thongue over her sweet swollen clit. I slid that gian phalus in and out, enjoying the way she
shook. She had a hard time not just collapsing from the intensity and cheered me on as the waves of pleasure ran through her whole body.

“Yeah, baby! Give it to me! Do it! Fuck my Ass!!” She shouted, as she came, bucking like a wild pony.

Afterwards, we showered together. I really enjoyed letting her soap me up and slide her hands all over me under the hot suds. She drove me
back to the dorm around 1:00 am, and thanked me for saving her evening. I kissed her and said that I was flattered and that the pleasure had been all mine. I walked into my dorm room, and leaned against the door. Suddenly, I realized I forgot to get paid!! Then I thought again, and realized that was quite all right, because I knew I would be seeing Stacy real soon.

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