Paul & Jenny’s Story pt 4

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Paul and Jenny’s story Part 4
by Paul

Chapter one

The bus pulled into our campsite around three in the afternoon. I could see Jenny waiting with a number of children. They were going to use our bus to take them back to their homes. We climbed out with our equipment. Jenny threw herself at me, her arms around my neck. Her lips searching for mine. She kissed me but I couldn’t respond. My body was rigid. My arms hung by my side. She stepped back, looking at my face.

“What’s wrong?” She questioned.

“It’s nothing”. I said. “Just tired”.

“No. There’s something more”. A look of concern spread across her face. Tommy walked past.

“You don’t want to waste your time on him. You should get yourself a real man”.

Just then Linda called from the bus. “Come on Jenny. Hurry up and get on. We haven’t got all day”.

“We’ll talk when I get back”. She said looking into my eyes.

She climbed into the bus and it was gone. We spent the next two hours sorting and cleaning our equipment, handing in the campsite stores what had been borrowed from them and collecting our personal items that had been held in them for safe-keeping. Steve called me to one side.

“How did you get on with Tom”. He could tell from the look in my eyes that something had happened.



“No. Something happened. Tell me”.

I hung my head and shook it.

“Come with me”. He led the way to the toilet block.

“Now, tell me what happened. He fucked you, didn’t he?”

The look in my eyes must have been it’s own answer. Slowly he got most of the details from me.

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“Right”. He said. “We’ve got to sort this once and for all”.

“Please don’t tell anybody, I don’t want Jenny to know”.

“It ‘s my fault. If I hadn’t started things with you this wouldn’t have happened. It’s got to stop”.

He left me. I entered a cubicle. All day I had tried to avoid going but I realized I couldn’t put it off much longer. I dropped my underpants and trousers and sat down. I opened my legs and lent forward, pulling my ass cheeks apart. I could feel it sliding down my tube. I clenched my anus tight shut. I’d stopped it. The pressure began to build again. I tried to clench again but my anus was forced to open. A little at first, then wider, allowing free passage for my shit. I cried out with the pain. More came. Less pain this time. Just a dull throb now that I had finished.  I must have sat with my head against the partition wall for twenty minutes. Catching my breath, waiting for the pain to go. Finally I gently wiped around my ring. Dropping the paper into the bowl I could see a mixture of shit and bright red blood. I lent back on the seat and let out a huge sigh.

Leaving the toilet block I saw that the bus had arrived back but of Jenny I could see no sign. I went in for the evening meal. Looking into the girls dining tent I could see Jenny sitting at a table with Linda, Shirley and two other girls I had met before, Jo and Carole. Jenny stood up as I approached.

“How could you”. She ran past me crying.

I went to follow her and felt a hand on my arm.

“Just leave her alone”. It was Linda. “I’ll look after her. You’ve done enough already”.

“Oh Linda. Tell her…Tell her….”. I stammered.

“Enough. Go away”.

I walked back to my tent. I couldn’t eat. I sat there alone. I read Jenny’s letter to me over and over to myself. As dusk was falling I could hear the sound of voices from the site of the campfire and caught the smell of burning wood.

“Skip poked his head around the tent.

“Come on, Paul, you can’t sit here all night”. He said.

“Maybe later”. I lay down and turned my back on him.

“Come with me now”. It was almost an order.

I was almost past caring what I did so I followed him. We got to the campfire and sat on one of the blankets. Opposite, I could see Jenny sharing a blanket with Tommy. I couldn’t believe my eyes. Jenny and Tommy. No, it couldn’t be.  I watched as they talked and laughed together.

I saw him put his arm around her. His hand on her side, then slowly moving up, under her arm, until it touched her breast. He moved it down, behind her, feeling for the crack between her ass cheeks. She lifted one cheek from the ground to allow him better access and I saw his hand disappear beneath her. His hand remained there for some minutes. Then he removed it, put it around her waist, and whispered something in her ear. She shook her head and something back. They remained seated. Tommy’s hands touching her more and more as the darkness fell. The singing and story telling were over. The campfire was dying down and everybody started making his or her ways back to there tents. I saw Jenny hold Tommy’s hand and lead him away from the tents into the woods, to the clearing by the bridge. I couldn’t have done anything else but follow.

They reached the clearing. The light from the moon softly lighted the area. I crept to within ten yards from them. They were kissing. Tommy’s hands running up and down her back. One delving between her ass cheeks. The other hand moved to the front of her body. Unbuttoning her cardigan and blouse, feeling inside her bra. With both hands he undid her shorts. He bent on one knee pulling them down with her knickers. She stepped out of them. Tommy stood up, opening her blouse and gazing at her body.

He said, “Let me have it”

I heard her say no.

“Come on. You’ve let Paul you can let me. Me and Paul are very close”.

His hands were on her ass cheeks, pulling them apart. I could see her anus for a second before one of his fingers found it and began prodding at it. I saw the tip of his finger enter her and heard her yelp in pain. Jenny, Jenny why are you letting him do this. He stood sideways on to her and his other hand found her fanny. His fingers disappeared between her legs and she gave another cry as they entered her.

“Tell me you like it”. Tommy commanded.

“Yes, I do, I do”. There was a quavering in her voice. I couldn’t take any more. I had to stop it when I saw four shapes leave the bushes behind Tommy and creep towards him. Jenny must have seen them but all she did was encourage him the more.

“Ram them in, Tommy”. He needed no urging. His hands were moving in and out of her. She cried with pain.

“Don’t stop. I love it”.

Suddenly the four were on him. A pillowcase went over his head. One jumped on his back. Two grabbed his legs to trip him. He tore his fingers from Jenny’s holes. She leaped back with a cry of pain a hand on each of her openings. Meanwhile, Tommy was on the floor, a rope around his neck attached to his wrists behind his back. A handkerchief was thrust into his mouth beneath the pillowcase and secured with a strip of cloth. Linda was driving two tent pegs into the ground about three feet apart. Tommy’s feet were tied to them.

Jo and Carole sat on the ground either side of his waist and began unbuttoning his shorts, pulling them down with his underpants as far as his open legs would allow. Jo took his prick in her hand and began to wank him. His prick became hard and she moved her hand up and down. After a few minutes Carole took over until he came, his come spurting into the air, landing on his belly and her hand. Jo immediately took over and continued to wank him. Carole took over again after a few minutes and Jo stood up to be replaced by Shirley. Linda walked to Jenny and put her arm around her.

“It’s all over now”. She said. “After we’ve finished with him tonight he wont bother anybody again”.

Tommy came again but still the wanking continued. Shirley had a go and then Jenny. There was real venom in her movements and I could hear Tommy moaning. Still it went on. Hands moving up and down. Tommy’s prick getting redder and redder. He moaned, he groaned, he threw his head from side to side. He came again and still they continued. Shirley spoke quietly to Linda and Jenny then left. She returned five minutes later with more tent pegs and a thick handled broom. Another peg was driven into the ground. One of Tommy’s feet was untied and he was quickly turned onto his stomach. I could hear his moans as his tender prick came in contact with the ground. It sounded as if he was begging them to stop.

Shirley took a jar of Vaseline from her pocket and began greasing the tip of the broom handle. Taking the Vaseline Linda nodded to Jo and Carole and they pulled Tommy’s ass cheeks apart. She applied some to his hole, working it around and in. When she was satisfied she pulled away and Jenny positioned the tip of the broom handle against it. She began to work it backwards and forwards. Jo and Carole still pulling his cheeks apart. It slowly started to disappear inside him. First an inch, then two, further in, further in, until over six inches was inside. Linda hammered more tent pegs into the ground around the bristle end of the broom. Securing it in place.

The girls rose and ran quickly from the scene excepting Jenny. She bent to Tommy’s ear and said something to him. As she stood up to leave I stepped into the clearing. She looked me then at Tommy at her feet and burst into tears. I ran to her and took her in my arms ignoring the groans from Tommy at my feet. Our lips were inches apart as we looked into each other’s eyes. I led her to the edge of the clearing where we stopped to put her shorts on. Her knickers went into her pocket.

“I must wash, I feel so dirty, so unclean”. Her first words. “How much did you see”.

“Everything”. I said.

“I had to keep him occupied. I knew he wanted to do things to me”.

“Did he hurt you?”

” Yes, he did hurt me. He was a pig. Fingers everywhere”.

“You didn’t have to do that. I would have sorted something out”.

“He hurt you. I will not allow that”. She spoke quietly.

We came to her tent. She slipped inside. I heard low voices. She returned. Keys jangling in her pocket.

“Come with me”. She took my hand and led me to the shower block.

She looked inside, and then stepping through the door drew me in after her. One light burned in the block, casting shadows through every cubicle. She went to the one furthest from the door, turned and faced me.

“We are going to wash away all that Tommy did”. She said as she undressed.

“You are the only man who’s ever going to see me like this”. I watched her become naked. She came to me and kissed me, unbuttoning my shirt. My other clothes followed. She rubbed herself against me as we kissed. My hands went to he ass cheeks and pulled them apart. I found her anus.

Her buttocks clenched. “Not there”.


We stepped into the shower cubicle, turning on the water as we did. Cold, then warm, then hot. The water sprayed over our bodies. She took her soap, worked up lather, and began to wash me. She started at my shoulders, then my arms, then chest, moving down my stomach to my prick and balls. Pulling back my foreskin she worked the suds along the length of my prick then allowed the water to wash them away. She turned me around and began soaping my back. Reaching my ass her finger slipped between my cheeks. I tensed as it touched my anus.

“Did he hurt you?” She whispered in my ear.

“Yes”. I replied. “How much do you know?”

“I know it all”

I turned and looked at her.



“You still want to be with me?”

“More than ever. You’re not perfect, but then, neither am I”.

“You are. You are”. I protested.

“I’m not”. She insisted. “But we are a pair, if you want me”.

I pulled her close telling her of my fears during the day. Of how I felt when I saw Tommy touching her. My prick was hard between us. She was moving her hips against me. I reached behind her and turned off the water. We stood, dripping water, moving against each other.

“I’m getting cold. Let’s get in the minibus, I have the spare keys”.

We quickly dried each other, sharing the towel, then dressed. We left the showers and went to where the mini bus was parked.

“I hope the sleeping bags are still there”. I said quietly.

“They are”.

She quietly opened the back doors and we climbed inside. The sleeping bags had been laid out on the floor. We lay down on one and pulled the other over us. I put my left arm under her neck and with my right hand unbuttoned her cardigan and blouse. Reaching behind I undid her Bra, lifting the cups to free her breasts. I kissed her lips, her nose, her chin, her neck, her collarbone where it stuck out, the top of her ribs, the firm flesh of her breast until I reached her nipple. I licked it, then sucked gently upon it. I undid her shorts. She bent her knees to help me pull them off. I put my tongue into the hollow formed by her navel. I nussled my face through her pubic hair. I pulled her lips apart and heard her gasp.

“Sorry”. I murmured.

I flicked out my tongue searching for her clitoris. I found it’s hiding place and sucked it gently from cover. With my tongue I licked around it, to the side of it, I took it into my mouth. I licked it again. Jenny arched her back and came. I moved up beside her. Gently feeling her breasts as I looked down at her.

“Linda told me what you did with her. I want to do the same things”. She had a serious look upon her face.

“We have done everything”. I said, puzzled.

“Not quite”.

She pushed me onto my back and straddled my head. Kneeling with her fanny inches from my mouth.

“We do tell each other everything”.

As she lowered her fanny to my mouth. My tongue entered her. Licking her walls, her lips, searching for her clitoris. She shuffled forwards. My tongue was at the back of her fanny. Touching the area between her holes. She moved forward again. My tongue touched her anus. I could smell the perfume from her soap. The slightly fishy smell of her fanny juices. I licked her anus. A slightly bitter taste. I could hear moaning.

“Yes. Yes”.

She pushed herself down on my tongue and it entered her. The bitterness increased but it was not unpleasant. She pulled back until her clitoris was against my tongue rubbing herself over my mouth and nose. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her hard against my tongue. Her thighs shook as she came. She lay on top of me.

“I haven’t brought them with me”. I said, referring to our condoms.

“It’s alright. Their here”.

“But how… where?” I started.

She told me.

“Shirley had got the story from Steve by refusing to let him have her. Steve had been going to organize something with Len and some of the others. Shirley had stopped him, saying, no matter what had happened you would still have to live in the area as Tommy. You would be subject to his reprisals. If he knew it hadn’t been you, that it had only been a bunch of girls, well she didn’t think he’d try anything else.”

They had quickly thought up the plan. “We had to get you out of the tent so we spoke to Jane and she made Skip go and fetch you. Steve collected the rope from Tommy’s rucksack and the condoms from yours. They had used one, she was sorry to say. They told me what had happened. I didn’t know what to think. All afternoon I’d been thinking that you didn’t want me anymore. We had agreed on the plan. Then you came into the mess tent. If you knew I wouldn’t have been able to go through with it. It had to be me to get him to come. Shirley was going with Steve, He knew Linda couldn’t stand him and Jo and Carole don’t like men, if you understand what I mean.

I sat by him at the campfire and let him do what he wanted. He was very rough. He pushed my knickers and shorts up my bum hole. He kept asking me to come into the woods with him. I kept saying that I would later.

Finally I couldn’t put it off any longer; the only place I knew to go was the clearing by the bridge. I let him go a lot further than was planned but the others were late getting into position. Jane had told them to stay and clean up around the campfire. I thought I was going to be raped.”

“You wouldn’t have been”. I said. “I would have stopped him somehow”.

She kissed me.

“Well you know the rest”.

“What did you say to him at the end”.

“I’d cut his balls off if he touched anybody again.” I think she meant it. “As I will yours if you touch anybody else”. She meant it.

She put her hand on my prick and started to stroke me. When I was hard she reached across me to the bench seat and picked up the packet of condoms. Taking one, she opened it and unrolled it down my prick. She straddled me and guided the tip of my prick to the opening of her fanny. With a sigh she sank down, taking me deep inside her. Rising up, until I was almost out of her, she again sank down. She repeated this, slowly.

I reached for her breasts, holding one in either hand. Her movements became shorter and faster. I put my hands on her ass cheeks, feeling them, pulling them apart. I put my hands on her shoulders and pulled her mouth to mine, moving my hips in time with hers.

She whispered in my ear. “Do it from behind.”

She climbed from me and knelt before me, head resting on her hands, ass in the air. I knelt behind her and pulled her cheeks apart. I could just make out her fanny lips, still open. I guided my prick between them and entered her without feeling any resistance. Two thrusts and my pubic hair rubbed against her ass cheeks.

I thrust in and out, long and slow at first, then shortening and quickening. I felt her tube tighten around me as she came. I slowed for a few seconds, then quickened again. Her tube tightened again as she made a sort of strangled scream. I really moved in and out of her, faster, faster. She came again, as I did, my prick jerking and pumping inside her.

I withdrew gently, my prick felt sore, hot. I removed the condom; amazed it had remained in one piece. Jenny remain kneeling, ass in the air. She was breathing heavily.

“I never thought it could be like that.” Her breathing was slowing, becoming more regular.

We lay together; I covered us with one of the sleeping bags.

“Do you want to go back to your tent?” I asked.

“No. Let’s sleep here tonight”. She snuggled closer, warm, soft.

“What shall we do about Tommy?”

“Fuck him.”



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