A Night to Remember

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A Night To Remember
by Ben

It was late at night, almost three o’clock in the morning. I had been studying for upcoming exams in our dorms lounge. This was one of the rare nights when no one was vomiting on the couch or using the room to party in. I thought that my roommate would be asleep by now.

We were two of the lucky ones, our room actually consisted of a living area and a separate sleeping alcove. I used the living area as my bedroom. I turned the key in the lock and went in, peeling off my clothes as I headed for bed. I suddenly remembered that my roommate had a paper that he had asked me if I could turn in the next morning, I pivoted on one heel and walked over and into Steve’s alcove.

Steve was sitting on the edge of his bed. Before him on the floor, knelt his girlfriend Laurie. Laurie was a living legend on campus. Wherever she walked, you were practically guaranteed to see a lone of drooling men and women falling in behind her. She had long, shiny black hair and a perfectly shaped ass that was so delicious that just the thought of it would give aeven a priest a hard-on, the longest sexiest legs that I have ever seen on any woman. And even more incredible, Laurie loved sex, no not just loved sex, but was a sexual goddess, who loved getting it on with both women and men.

So here I stood. Laurie was licking Steve’s cock as if it were the best and last popscicle on the face of the earth. When they realized that I was standing there, Steve jumped up and pulled a blanket over his cock. Laurie turned around ,showing me her breasts, firm, upswept ripe. Her nipples were dark and erect. All that I could think about was licking and sucking at them. I was really too shocked to move. I stood there like an idiot as Laurie smiled and watched my cock rise to attention. Steve didn’t say anything, just sat there breathing heavily.

Laurie slowly licked her ruby red lips and reached out with one hand to my achingly hard cock. She flicked the tip of the head with her wet tongue, I had to restrain myself as she licked and sucked at me, gripping my shaft with one hand, taking as much of me as she could into her inviting mouth. Laurie twisted and sucked at my cock with all of her might.

I looked up to see Steve stroking his cock as he sat on the edge of his bed. His initial shock and surprise had worn off and he was ready for action. He got up off of the bed and knelt behind Laurie. She was paying so much attention to sucking my cock that she seemed to have completely forgotten about Steve. I could tell that she was completely surprised when he slid his member into her from behind, in one smooth thrust. She stopped working at me for a moment and arched her back, moaning and pushing her ass against him. Closing her eyes, she attached my glistening cock with a vengeance. The pleasure of her mouth was beginning to be too much to bear. I could feel the faint stirrings of a mighty climax coming on, she was sucking my cock so very well.

Steve let out a loud groan and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I began shooting heavy ropes of come down the wet, willing, and waiting mouth that had me trapped within it’s depths She swallowed every drop, while Stev filled her pussy with his own steaming hot load.

As good as it was, it was not enough for Laurie. She turned back around and began to nurse Steve’e cock to life. Watching her tongue Steve’s cock made mine as hard as a rock. I just had to get back into action. I slid under Laurie’s ass and blew gently on her clit. She moaned and ground herself against my face, wriggling her ass as she sucked Steve’s shaft. My tongue sank deep into the recesses of Laurie’s pussy and I tasted the salty traces of Steve’s come. I didn’t care. I wanted to taste every drop of Steve and Laurie’s combined love juices.

Before long, Laurie was shaking uncontrollably. She mounted my throbbing and pulsating cock with her ass facing me,and rode it like a wild woman. She pumped up and down while I tugged and twisted her erect nipples. Steve arched his back and erupted within the confined spaces of her throat while I rammed my cock home in her wickedly tight and milking pussy. Laurie was moaning in the throes of ecstasy as I felt the juices creep down my testicles and into the crack of my ass. When I I came again we both yelled at the top of our lungs, spilling the combined fluids of the three of us onto the floor as it overflowed Laurie’s greedy and pulsating love haven.

That wasn’t the end of the evening, we sucked and fucked the rest of the night away. Steve and I had never really been close before this night, Laurie changed all of that.


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