Moving Day

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Moving Day
by BEN

I start a new job in a couple of weeks, and am in the process of moving to Northern Michigan from downstate. I made my first trip last week and received a taste of northern hospitality that I am not likely to forget anytime soon. I had acquired a key to my new apartment and was carrying boxes in from the car.  The weather was sticky and humid, though I found out later just how hot it could get.  Just as I was lifting a box out of the trunk,  another car pulled into the parking lot, and a good looking brunnette got out.  She went into the apartment  building, then stopped and  held the door open for me.  She smiled and introduced herself as I struggled through
the door.  I told her my name and apartment number.  

Her eyes lit up and she said,”Great, we’re neighbors.  I live right across the hall.”  

I followed her down the hallway, noticing in the process that she had a very nice figure.  Then she dissapeared into her apartment, and I went into mine.  The air conditioner was doing a good job of keeping the place cool, for  which I was grateful, because I had worked up quite a sweat.  I set down the box I was carrying, pulled off my shirt  and collapsed on the floor.  I had only been there a couple of minutes, resting, when there was a knock on the  door.  I opened the door, and there stood my newly met neighbor.  She was wearing white tennis shorts and a sheer white blouse that I could almost, but not quite, see through.  I didn’t know which looked better, her, or the
six pack of ice cold beer in her hand.  I stood to the side and invited her in.  

“You looked like you could use some of this.”  She said as she walked past me.  

When she walked, shapes under her blouse moved and shifted, offering tantalizing clues as to what was underneath.  

“The make me dress up when I’m at work.  When I am at home, I like to where as little as possible.” She said when I commented on her change of clothing.

I was starting to feel hot again, in spite of the air conditioner.  We each opened a beer, and I put the rest in the fridge.  The beer was cold and went down smooth.  We sat on the floor and made small talk while we drank.  I’ll admit I was having trouble concentrating on the conversation, because her legs, which were perfectly tanned, kept distracting me.  If she noticed, she didn’t seem to mind.  As she killed off the last of her beer.

“Beer from a bottle, the only way I like to drink it.” She said as she held up the bottle.

With that she tilted her head back, put the entire neck of the bottle into her mouth, and slid it in and out. At that point I snapped.  I had been doing a pretty good job of behaving myself, but I couldn’t control myself any longer.  I crawled over to where she was sitting and kissed her full on the mouth.  My hands started to carress her  lovely legs.  I felt her tongue exploring my mouth.  I moved my hands up and down her body.  I could feel her warmth through the thin fabric of her blouse.  She put her arms around me and held me close as we continued kissing.  I squeezed her breasts through her blouse and felt her nipples harden.  I started to unbutton her blouse,
and her hands found my crotch.  When her blouse was opened all the way, I started heading for her full breasts, only to have her push me away.

“Take your pants off and lie down.” She told me, “I’ll show you how we keep cool up here on hot summer days.”


She stood up, shrugged her way out of her blouse, and headed for the kitchen.  I wasted no time in doing as I was instructed.  I lay on my back, my cock pointing straight at the ceiling.  I didn’t think it was possible for it to get any  harder, but when she came back, I found out I was wrong.  Her breasts, which were tanned as dark as the rest of her, bounced in time with her steps, and my cock swelled so much, I thought it would burst.  She was carrying another bottle of beer, which she’d opened.  She took several long swallows and then put her finger in the opening.  With the bottle plugged, she began to slide it sensuously over me, starting with my face and working her way down.  The bottle was cold and it felt so very good.  She continued over my chest and stomach, then went to work on my cock.  Condensation was forming n the bottle and leaving wet trails on my dick, which she proceeded to lick off.  The contrast between the cold bottle and her hot mouth and tongue was amazing.

She swirled the bottle around my cock for a while, then she took a large gulp of beer and held it in her mouth, keeping her lips closed as tightly as possible, she pushed my cock into her mouth and swished the beer back and forth.  I could feel the bubbles of carbonation on my cock, which was an interesting sensation to say the least.  Swallowing the beer, she held the neck of the bottle next to my cock, as if to compare sizes.  She tried to fit both into her mouth at the same time but was unable to.  Finally, she settled for pressing the cold bottle against my balls as she slid my cock in and out of her mouth.  The feeling was incredible, and soon I was shooting my load into her mouth.  She swallowed all of it, chasing it down with beer.  Then, without a word she handed me the beer bottle and lay down beside me on the carpet.   

I wanted to get a taste of those gorgeous breasts, so I kissed and sucked them for a while, sliding the bottle over her body as she had done to me.  She closed her eyes and sighted.  I let some beer drizzle onto her body, thenI licked it off.  She was so hot I was almost surprised that the beer didn’t evaporate immediately when it hit her skin.  My cock stirred and began to harden again.

Eventually, I worked my way down to her stomach and waist.  She bucked her hips as I tugged on her shorts, pulling them off.  When she was completely naked, I took some time to just look at her.  There was no part of her body that was not perfectly tanned.  I finished off the beer, then I put the still cold bottle between her legs.  

When it touched her pussy, she squealed and closed her legs around it.  I rocked the bottle back and forth, and she made small sounds in the back of her throat, the look on her face was pure extacy.After a bit, she opened her legs.  I moved between them and prepared to go down on her, but she held me back.  

“I’m going to cum, ” she said, “and I want you inside of me when I do.  I want to feel your cock inside of me.”

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I didn’t need to be told twice.  My cock was ready, and I nailed that gorgeous lady right there on the floor.  As I slid my cock inside her and started pumping, she gasped, then she met every thrust with a conterthrust of her own.  Before long, she arched her back and came in a series of undulating spasms, moaning and gasping aloud.  Since I had cum earlier, I was still hard, so I kept pumping.  Whe she realized that I wasn’t going to quit, she wrapped her legs around me and used  her feet to give me extra thrust.  After a few minutes, she was arching her back and moaning, this time her orgasm triggered mine, and we came together.

We lay there a long time, fondling one another. After a while she got up, put her clothes on and left.  She promised to help me when I bring up the rest of my stuff from down-state, as long as I provide the beer.  I think I’m gonna like this neighborhood.

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