The Camping Trip

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The Camping Trip
by BEN
When my friend, Dave, told me that he was bringing his girlfriend along on our camping trip, I wanted to kill him. this was a man’s trip, getting away from it all and that included women. After the first night, I changed my mind.

Renee is a petite, raven-haired beauty and just before dark, she teased us into going skinny-dipping in the lake. She has a really great body and I got a good look at her firm ass as we raced to the water. More than once, she gave my cock a squeeze, the look on her face told me that she wanted more than just a quick feel.

When we came out of the water, Renee sprawled on the soft grass between myself and Dave and wrapped her hand around my hard cock. I glanced uneasily at Dave and found that he was getting the same treatment. She pumped us expertly. Stroking our hard flesh quickly and then slowly. Her adept fingers felt like feathers on my hot skin. Dave propped himself up on his elbow to watch her hands at work. He winked at me and then lowered his mouth to one of her erect nipples.

Renee moaned and guided my hand to her pussy. I turned on my side, cupped the furry mound and then dipped a finger into her steaming slit. She parted her legs eagerly for me as I rubbed her moistness up and down her pussy; paying close attention to her swollen clit. I sucked her other nipple and worked two fingers into her tight, hot pussy.

Dave’s hand joined mine between her legs. He spread her pouting pussy lips and tickled her clit, while my fingers plunging, gave her pussy a workout. She groaned and pumped against our hands, then climaxed, her pussy clutching at our finger’s. Her hands continued to pump and squeeze our cocks, it was all I could do to keep from shooting all over her.

When she caught her breath, she licked her pussy juices off of our fingers. This was one hot woman and she was just getting warmed up for the next move. Sliding down my body, she licked and sucked her way up and down my cock until it was wet and throbbing steadily. Using her hand to keep me aroused, she turns and takes Dave’s cock into her mouth. He had scooted closer and was still on his side so that our hard cocks were only inches apart. Seeing Renee’s tongue swirl around the head of Dave’s cock, then dip into the bubbling slit at the end; brought a sigh from both of us.

She then began moving her head from one cock to the other, sucking hard and deep each time. I watched her pretty lips stretch around Dave’s cock and then around mine. Sucking me into the hot cavern of her mouth. The cum was building in my balls and from the fluid leaking out of Dave’s cock, he wasn’t far behind. She brought our cocks together and excitedly pulled both pulsing balls tightly, causing me to grunt and cum heavily. Dave moaned and pumped his hips as he shot-off in her mouth also. I don’t know how she swallowed all of it, but she did. Every glistening droplet.

Renee slept between us that night. She was curled up against Dave’s back, and I found my raging hard-on nudging her ass cheeks. Dave was asleep, I could hear his steady breathing. Suddenly Renee pulled up her night-shirt and guided my cock to her pussy. Biting my lips to keep from groaning, I sank into the hottest pussy in the world. She didn’t move, just used her inner muscles to squeeze and coax my milky cum into her pussy.

Even after we came, Renee held me in her moist pussy. The next morning when I woke, I found myself deep inside her and incessantly hard again. We didn’t have to be quiet this time, because Dave was awake, fucking her face gently and groaning. When they saw that I was awake, Renee got to her knees, offering me her sweet pussy. I grabbed her ass and slid into her from behind, doggy-style. She moaned around Dave’s cock as I licked up and down her spine. I squeezed her ass and pulled her fully onto my cock, probing deep inside her steaming pussy until she was bucking wildly and her juices were flowing down her thighs. I was vaguely aware that she was making wet slurping sounds as her lips traveled the length of Dave’s throbbing cock. At that precise moment, fucking her pussy and squeezing her beautiful heart shaped ass was all that mattered. Dave’s roaring climax, triggered my own and that set Renee off.
All that weekend, Renee kept Dave and I fully drained. I sure hope that Dave invites me along on their honeymoon.

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