The Blind Date

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The Blind Date
by BEN

My friends set me up on a blind date last week, that turned into something I really enjoyed. We sat in the restaurant and talked for almost two hours. I was feeling an incredible attraction to this woman, she was beautiful, intelligent, sexy, and everything I wanted in a woman. I wanted to kiss her, to have her kiss me. I just wanted her, and I wanted her badly. After she left I noticed that she’d left her purse behind. I smiled to myself, this would be a perfect opportunity to see her again. The next evening I did just that. I explained to her that I had gotten her address from her license and as I was in her neighborhood, I wanted to return it quickly in case she was in need of it. She invited me in for a drink. The next thing I know, she was standing in front of me, one hand behind my neck and the other on my cock.

She raised her head and kissed me gently, trailing small kisses across my cheek, then she whispered softly, “I left my purse in hopes that you would return it personally.”
That was all it took for me to melt against her body. Her kisses were long and deep, her hand caressing my hairy chest beneath my shirt, while the other skillfully unbuttoned my jeans, letting them slide to the floor. Soon my shirt and shorts followed. She stopped for a moment, looking in my eyes as if asking if she could continue. I reached for the buttons of her sun dress, which swiftly joined my clothes on the
floor. She had her answer. Her body glistened beautifully in front of me.

I scooped her up in my strong arms and followed her pointed finger to the her bedroom. Her lips were warm on my skin and when they reached my nipples, I shivered. She licked then with flicks of her greedy tongue before nipping at them gently with her teeth. A slight moan escaped me. The kisses she was bestowing on my body were sending me reeling. They traveled to the throbbing cock between my legs. I reached down only to have her grab my wrists and hold them firmly at my sides. When her hot tongue first touched the head of my cock, I thought I would lose my mind, when she suddenly dipped her head to take me completely in her mouth, all sanity was removed. The only thing that mattered was the assault this woman was making on me with her mouth and tongue. My breathing became erratic and labored, I could feel the perspiration forming on my brow. The pressure was building low in my balls. I wanted to explode. She was giving me such extreme pleasure that my senses were becoming overpowered. She removed herself from my prick, replacing her wonderful mouth with her hand, gently moving up and down my shaft as she massaged my balls with her lips and tongue. She used the tips of her fingers to trace thin lines of electric pleasure up and down the insides of my leges, pausing occasionally and massaging the opening to my anus. My body arched and pulsated at this new pleasure.
Her hand on my cock was replaced by her mouth, her lips and mouth plunged slowly toward the base, sucking harder than before. Her moistened finger found its way to my anus and traced firm circles around it, pausing slightly to press and penetrate me slightly. The feeling was so intense that I doubted I could hold on for much longer. She sensed this and began moving her hand and mouth a little faster and a little harder. Her finger gently pressed inside of me and back out again as her mouth and hand took me deeper and deeper toward orgasm.
The feeling started at me outer extremities, warm waves of electric energy pulsating up and through my body, traveling slowly, building in intensity until I felt the first surges of building inside my balls. I saw the look of exhileration on her face, she knew that I was about to fill her mouth with come. My knees were weakened by the rush of orgasm, my eyes closed and spots of light danced in front of them as my balls and cock began to pulse, sending come up into her mouth.

At the first taste of me, she pumped me harder with her hand, sucked deeper, and slowed her finger fucking, taking me past the peak of my orgasm and into the exhilarating final moments of pleasure. After removing her finger, she slowly sucked me and gently caressed my balls. She swallowed all that she could, but a small bit dripped from the right corner of her mouth. She used the head of my cock to clean the cum off of hr lips. Then she engulfed me again, so as not to lose any of it.
I lifted her up off her knees and laid her down on the bed. I kissed her lips and tasted myself as I positioned myself above her. I kissed her neck and gently licked my way down to her breasts, kneading them with my hands and gently squeezing her nipples. I heard her heart beating stronger with the hope of greater pleasure as I slowly and deliberately kissed my way down her stomach to the soft insides of her
taught thighs. My tongue slowly traced thin lines around and down toward the soft folds of her pussy, and the first taste of her sent shivers of pleasure into my heart as my tongue parted her to find the wet sweet warmth I so desired. She pulled me deeper into her and raised her hips to me as I pressed by tongue between the folds of her sex. I uncovered her clit with my tongue and gently massaged it in small circular motions, pressing firmly and gently. This made her moan with pleasure and grind her hips evn more vigorously into my face. Now back down to search for more of her sweet nectar, then back up in a deliberate process meant to take her into the throes of passion.

I gently inserted a finger inside of her, exploring the walls inside, slowly moving and out. I continue until suddenly she beckons me upward. I moved back up, slowly licking and sucking as I went. I positioned myself above her as she guided me inside. The feeling was intense and totally captivating. I moved into her slowly, feeling each fraction of an inch pass over my cock until I was as deep as I could go, held it there for a moment, and slowly pulled back out until only the head of my cock touched the outer folds of her pussy. Then fully inside of her, my
balls pinned against her moistness.
I lifted her legs and repositioned myself for more controlled, deeper thrusts. She moaned again as I pushed into her, sending her closer and closer to orgasm. I felt her legs tighten in my hands and knew she was getting close to peeking with pleasure. I wanted to prolong and build
on that, and so pulled out of her only long enough to reposition her and enter from behind. I caressed her beautiful ass and then held her tightly as I plunged deeply into her, slowly pulling out to the entrance and back again until she begged me to spin, roll over, she wanted to be on top when she came.
I lay on my back as she lowered herself upon my cock. Making me gasp as her tight wetness enveloped me. My hands reached up to caress her body and to rub her firm breasts. She took my hnds and placed them on her ass. Her breath began to come in quick gasps as the height of her pleasure increased. We moved as one onow, each perfect thrust taking us closer and closer to love’s peak. Our movements took on an almost frantic aspect as we neared and then crashed into a simultaneous orgasm, we grasped one another tightly as wave after wave of pleasure washed over us. My body spasmed once, twice, five, six, seven times as her pussy milked me for every drop of come I could produce.
Afterwards we lay holding each other while we recovered enough to start again.

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