Dorm Fun

It was a warm night, and I was in my dorm room, laying under a sheet completely naked. Thoughts of an adventure I’d had with two other female college students drifted through my mind as my hands began to rub my nipples into hardness. I slid the sheet down to my waist and admired my […]

Friends and Neighbors

It started innocently enough, after my husband left for work, my next door neighbor, Zoe, would come over for a cup of coffee. She always came over in her bathrobe, so I never bothered to get dressed either. Zoe is a very attractive, divorced, twenty-three year old, with frosted blonde hair. We became fast friends, […]

The Rightous Rev. Wilbur

The Rightous Rev. WilburBy Ben The righteous, reverend Wilber Jay entered heaven exactly sixty-nine seconds after the irritated diamond back he had been handling used the preacher’s jugular for lunch. Wilber Jay didn’t think much of his new home. So, where are the streets of gold? He asked his angelic guide. Simple metaphor, my good […]

The Sitter

The Sitter by BEN My dreaded college textbooks and notes were spread all over the living room floor and I was eating a big fudge brownie, praying for my biology paper to write itself, when Stacy, the woman I whose son I babysit, came flying through the door clutching her black trench coat tightly around […]

Healthy Seduction

Healthy Seduction by Ben I was getting really bored just sitting around the house, cooking and cleaning, waiting for my husband jay to come home from work. I was also starting to gain a little weight from over the holidays, so I decided to join a fitness club. During the day,the club isn’t very crowded,as […]

Xena: The Warrior Princess pt. 1

Xena the Warrior Princess pt 1 by Kip CarsonXena and Gabrielle had just finished a long hard day of fighting bad guys. They had been riding their horses for a few hours. Both were very tired, and they happened upon a secluded wooded area with a nice running stream. Xena told Gabrielle that this looked […]

From Arabia with Lust pt 2

From Arabia With Lust pt. 2 by Kip CarsonAhnna’s finger slid along her sister’s wet pussy slit. Ahnna carefully studied her sister’s beautiful dark pussy lips. She slowly slid the dark lips apart, and marveled at the pretty bright pinkness of her luscious pussy. Ahnna’s finger rubbed against her sister’s swollen clit, and Salima moaned […]

Carol’s Lactating Breasts

by Kip Carson Heather’s older brother Tony was in the army. He had just been sent overseas for some training. His very pregnant wife Carol reluctantly moved in with Heather and her parents. Carol missed Tony very much. One night, Heather heard her crying, and entered Tony’s old bedroom, where Carol was sleeping. “What’s wrong?” […]

The Meal pt 1

by Kip Carson Cindy was an 18-yr. old red-haired, green-eyed cutie. She stands 5’10” tall, and has long shapely legs. She is a natural redhead, everywhere. Her mother works for an organization that delivers hot meals to the elderly and the disabled. Her mom asked her if she would mind helping deliver a few meals […]