The Adult Theater

The Adult Theateur by Kip CarsonMatt had passed by the adult store thousands of times on his way home from work. He had never stopped there. Tonight, since his wife was at her mothers and wouldn’t be home until really late, he decided to check it out and see what was inside. He entered the […]

WWF in the Raw pt 3

WWF in the Raw pt. 3 by Kip CarsonDebra wrestles Luna to the mud, and Luna feels Debra’s thigh as it presses against her bare pussy. Debra rubs her thigh between Luna’s legs, making Luna’s pussy hotter and wetter. Debra’s hand slips between Luna’s legs, and she lightly brushes against Luna’s swollen clit. Luna moans […]

WWF In the Raw pt 1

WWF in the Raw pt. 1 by Kip CarsonIt was an exhilarating evening for the stars of the World Wrestling Federation, and the main event was taking place. Mankind was fighting Triple H for the world wrestling championship belt. Little did the fans realize, but there was alot more excitement backstage than there was in […]

Outdoor Adventures Pt 1

Outdoor Adventures by Kip CarsonJeanna and Amber were best friends. This weekend they had decided to pack up their things and go camping. They arrived at the secluded spot they had chosen and pitched their tent. After setting up camp, they decided to go for a swim in the stream beside their campsite. Amber watched […]

Paul & Jenny’s Story pt 3

Paul and Jenny’s Story pt. 3 (A Walk on the Wild Side cont. ) by Paul Chapter 3 The following morning we were up early and, after a quick breakfast, during which I sat hand in hand with Jenny, trying to feed myself one handed, we loaded our equipment onto a bus. Jenny and I […]

My First Time – Rape and Other Things

My First Time Pt 6 (Rape and other Things) By Paul.  I was awoken as dawn was breaking the following morning. Steve had got his hand into my sleeping bag and was probing my hole with his Vaseline covered finger. I lay on my side enjoying the sensation, more asleep than awake. Suddenly I heard […]

My First Time – Another Day Comes

My First Time Part 4 (Or another day comes) by Paul The following morning I was awakened by a hand at the waistband of my shorts, searching for the button. It was still dark in the tent but I could tell by the luminous dial of my wristwatch that we had about half an hour […]

My First Time – The Next Night

The First Time – The Following Night by Paul It’s the 1960’s. In the space of 24 hours I’ve gone from being a shy heterosexual teenager to having been twice fingered, twice fucked and three times wanked by my best friend Steve whilst on a Venture Scouts camp in Northern Ireland from our home in […]

My First Time – The Next Day

My First Time Part 1 My First Time – The Next Day by Paul This occurred back in the 1960’s, when Gay sex was still a taboo subject for most in Great Britain and, whilst many experimented with it, it was seldom discussed. The previous day I had had a brief encounter with my best […]