The Music Awards

The Music Awards by Kip CarsonMike was a reporter for a large newspaper in LA. He was excited when he was told to cover the Music Awards Show at the local arena. He put on a rented tux, took along a photographer, and excitedly entered the backstage area. The first people he met were Aerosmith. […]

WWF in the Raw pt. 2

WWF in the Raw pt. 2 by Kip CarsonStephanie McMahon Helmsley and Hunter Hearst Helmsley (HHH) are sitting backstage watching DX’s match on the monitor. Stephanie is wearing a short black skirt, with a tight white sweater. HHH is wearing a pair of black wrestling trunks. His hand slides up Stephanie’s skirt, and she softly […]

WWF In the Raw pt 1

WWF in the Raw pt. 1 by Kip CarsonIt was an exhilarating evening for the stars of the World Wrestling Federation, and the main event was taking place. Mankind was fighting Triple H for the world wrestling championship belt. Little did the fans realize, but there was alot more excitement backstage than there was in […]

Xena: The Warrior Princess pt. 2

Xena the Warrior Princess pt 2 by Kip Carson Xena and Gabrielle awoke at dawn and had just finished making love again. They had enjoyed a super hot night of lesbian lovemaking. But, both agreed they needed a big hard cock to make it complete. As they ate their breakfast, they heard noises coming from […]

Xena: The Warrior Princess pt. 1

Xena the Warrior Princess pt 1 by Kip CarsonXena and Gabrielle had just finished a long hard day of fighting bad guys. They had been riding their horses for a few hours. Both were very tired, and they happened upon a secluded wooded area with a nice running stream. Xena told Gabrielle that this looked […]

The KISS Concert

by Kip Carson Shelly couldn’t believe it. She was caller 10 at KROK 104.3. She almost fainted when the disc jockey told her that her and 3 or her friends would be riding in a limo. Then they would have front row seats to the KISS concert, and all access backstage passes. Her young body […]

Three’s Company

by Kip Carson Janet and Chrissy were roommates. They were looking for someone to help them with expenses, so they placed an ad for another roommate. Jack Tripper arrived, and they reluctantly allowed him to move in. The landlords, the Ropers, were under the assumption that Jack was gay, which is the only reason they […]

Alicia & the Cop

Alicia`s red hair was waving in the wind as she her drove her convertible Mercedes on the desolate highway.Her long leg pushed the gas pedal. “What the heck” she thought “I`m all alone here.And if the police shows up,I can probably out run them with this baby.And I have enough money for paying stupid fines.I […]

Gangbanging Clueless

Alicia woke up again in the soft,comfortable back seat of the limo.They were still in the country and very far from the city.The snow-covered trees rushed silently outside her window as the huge car brought her closer to her destination : the Academy Awards ceremony.She felt excitement rising inside as she thought of all the […]

Baywatch story 2: Gena’s Story

(Don’t you just hate the name ‘Neely’?)Well, you just heard about Caroline’s sexcapades as a beach lifeguard, and a bigger cum lover you’re never likely to see. I mean, she really does get her recommended daily protein intake! I’ve screwed her myself, and the look of pleasure on her face as she takes a wetshot […]